For twenty years, you were my everything.

It was only because of you—your time, your passion, your love—that the Dream Foundation became a nationally-recognized nonprofit that manifested dreams for adults who are at the end of their lives. I want to thank you dearly for giving your all to a nonprofit that began, as many do, out of adversity.

As many of you know, and some don’t, the Dream Foundation began because of the love I had for my now-deceased life partner, Timothy Scott Palmer. In 1989 we moved from our respective cities of Los Angeles and New York, to Santa Barbara. Timm created Dalmatian Productions and began working on the documentary film “Unsung Heroes”,, a film recognizing volunteer firefighters who selflessly support the community. I began the Company Manager for the national touring company Access Theatre.

Timm’s once zest for life rapidly declined when he was diagnosed with his terminal disease. As anyone with a loved one with a terminal disease knows, we will do anything to help our loved ones. When Timm wanted to see the film “Mrs. Doubtfire” and we couldn’t get into the theatre because of Timm’s life-saving container, I pledged to get Timm a copy.

I called 20th Century Fox and received a compassionate person who messengered the film to our home so Timm could enjoy it. Timm was astonished that a major studio would do such a thing. Secretly, I was, too.

I soon learned that there was no organization that granted final wishes to adults—only an organization that granted wishes to children. I felt that any human being, regardless of age, deserved to have their final wishes granted.

After Timm passed, I founded Dalmatian Dreams, which was soon rebranded as the Dream Foundation. (How many calls from dog owners could I take?)

For over 20 years, I built the Dream Foundation, but I know it wasn’t just me. It was “us.” You and me. All of you. Every single one of you who called one dying adult, who made one dying dream happen, who attended one fundraiser, who donated even just one cent. Each and every one of you created the Dream Foundation, a thriving foundation, a foundation that will forever change people’s lives at the end of their lives. 

I cannot tell you how honored I am to have served with you. Each of you has changed my life—made me stronger—made me wiser—made me more in love with life.

I always imagine Timm, just above us, smiling down, knowing that the Dream Foundation is here, making life for each recipient a little better, a little brighter. Making each recipient know that he or she is loved.

It is easy for me to say that “I love you.” I love each and every one of you—you wonderful volunteers and friends—for giving your all, for making the Dream Foundation come alive, for being strong, and ever present in each dream recipient’s heart.

Thank you for your commitment to the Dream Foundation and for the love you have shown.


                                                                        Much love,