Twenty years ago Thomas Rollerson watched his life partner suffer through the closing stages of a merciless illness, and witnessed his loved one wither away.  At that moment, his pain became his inspiration and he wished he could find a way to grant the final wishes of other terminally ill adults and their families. His wish became The Dream Foundation.

$50,000,000 in donations and in-kind gifts later, his dream has granted those final wishes for more than 20,000 wonderful people.

How did it go from a dream, to a Dream Foundation? That is Thomas Rollerson’s gift. A gift he now shares with others around the world.

He established a national network of volunteer corporate partners, who believed in his unique model of maximizing impact while minimizing administrative costs. Many of these are in the Fortune 500. He developed a system of tapping local resources to make every dream feel special and personal.

He built a lean, remarkable team, served as Executive Producer of highly profitable charity galas and represented Dream Foundation around the world as a passionate and effective public speaker and brand ambassador. In his 20 years at the helm, the organization always operated with a fiscal surplus. Dream Foundation was consistently been recognized by Charity Navigator as a 4-star organization.

Thomas harnessed the power of celebrity advocates for awareness campaigns and corporate social responsibility platforms.

Since stepping down as president of Dream Foundation for a "life intermission" he continues to expand his reach and insure creative growth and impact. Thomas has worked as an advisor to individuals, families, celebrities and corporate foundations on mission, strategy, and assessment. Thomas travels and speaks while also working with corporations and individuals to improve areas of ambassador advocacy, corporate social responsibility, board development, events and program strategy.  Working now as an advisor to all things good.