Twenty years ago I had a simple dream.  


As I watched my life partner suffer through the end stages of a brutal illness, I knew I needed to find a way to grant the final wishes of terminally ill adults and their families. 

What began with love and a passion to fulfill a simple dream quickly grew into a community of friends committed to the dream, and thus the Dream Foundation was born.  Soon I was able to turn my dream into a national foundation by assembling a network of volunteers, corporate partners and leaders, along with celebrity ambassadors who believed in the dream. I was able to accomplish this in a short period of time by maximizing impact while minimizing administrative costs all the while fulfilling the dreams of thousands of recipients/people.

When a dream needed to be spoken, I was the “passionate and powerful” brand ambassador.  I just called it speaking “From the Heart.”  I was, and remain empowered to be a “voice for the voiceless.”  I was once accused of being too emotional.  I will never apologize for being emotional.  Emotion is passion and passion makes dreams come true.

I’ve worked with movers and shakers and everyday dreamers all the same.  My quest was to find our common thread; which lies in all our hopes and dreams. The end result was that The Dream Foundation became a 4-star Charity Navigator-rated nonprofit and operated every year with a fiscal surplus.

In 2014, the Dream Foundation was stronger than ever and taking on a life of its own.  After laying out a strategic vision for it’s future and 20 years of service, I stayed true to my heart’s integrity and resigned as the president of the Dream Foundation.

Since leaving the Dream Foundation I have advised dozens of non-profits and many fortune 500 companies on all things good.

I miss my dream families and donors beyond words, and the memories of those shared moments are my soul food.  (see Dreamers)

I am also grateful that I have had the opportunity to “step out of my dream box” and expand my reach into new sectors, discoveries, and personal and professional creative growth, while also expanding my comprehension for true human suffering.

What is life if not to serve all things good?


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