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About Thomas.

for over 25 years thomas rollerson has served the greater good. he began by advocating for accessibility in the arts, and then built a not-for-profit called the Dream Foundation, from scratch into a nationally recognized, Charity Navigator 4-star organization. under thomas’s leadership, The Dream Foundation went on to raise more than $50 million dollars and fulfilled the final wishes of more than 20,000 people.

thomas also founded the Toy Program and the Flower Empower program, and developed a national network of volunteer corporate partners who believed in his unique model of maximizing impact while minimizing administrative costs.

thomas has a successful two-decade career as a producer of all things good. matching the right medium to the right cause. PSA’s, celebrity galas, live and recorded charity events, fashion luncheons, film screenings, concerts, profile videos and much more. he has led event and production teams, managed sponsorship acquisitions, personally secured talent and honorees and secured media coverage.  all while always maintaining an enviable income to expense ratio.



After founding and dedicating 20 years to the Dream Foundation, Thomas resigned in 2014. He left the organization in the same strong fiscal manner he managed it: with consistently balanced budgets, exemplary Event positive ratios, and a growing endowment. Though the decision was difficult, Thomas was proud to leave the Dream Foundation in a healthy position based out of Santa Barbara, ultimately helping thousands of dreamers everywhere.

Thomas’ legacy continued as he advised and supported visionary individuals, family, community and corporate foundations, Fortune 500 companies, Non-profit organizations who aspire towards expanding their capacity and significant impact. His mission to make others dreams come true became real, as Thomas merged his unwavering professional integrity, and authentic heart-based leadership for All Things Good.

thomas is a passionate advocator, heart-based communicator, people connector and results-oriented change-maker for individuals and corporations who are committed to all things good.

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